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I wanna celebrate you!

I’m done waiting to fucking celebrate all the shit I have successfully navigated in this lifetime.


I don’t need a major reason that sounds really clever for marketing purposes to gather a few fierce women to have some profound life altering conversations and make friends, being unafraid to show up, share, and be BOLD in front of each other.


This isn’t for you if you are in the major hot seat of your trauma right now…

don’t get me wrong, grief is welcome at this table but only if you have the language to give your experience the expression it craves… I myself am grieving a major pivotal transition in my life. My mother died just 2 months ago!


*I’ll be sharing about how I hold my experience while in a major existential crisis.


*What does it LOOK like when you put one foot in front of the other when on the inside you are emotionally refusing to move or come out of hiding.


*How to honor your emotions in deep process and show up for your everyday life.


*I’ll also be touching on what existential depression looks like in daily life.


*And we can’t leave out the ever loving spiritual crisis arena! Oh my…….


I want to hold space for the conversations to happen among us.


I wanna talk about what is real and relevant to me as a profoundly deep woman on this planet.


If you are a woman who is curious about what that looks like, then this invitation is for you.


Come witness/check out how powerful women navigate their heart breaks, disappointments failures, losses etc while remaining true to who they are and their unfolding process of transition, creating the transcendent possibility into a new reality.


Whew…that’s a mouthful!

So come, be wined and dined with a five course authentic Sicilian dinner made by me, paired by wonderful wines  all while you share the “load” with all of us. I promise, you will leave my home feeling connected to the authenticity of your experience in a whole new way in an elegant and charming garden setting smack dab in the middle of the city!

Life can be heavy work and this dinner is to lighten your load !

The self investment of this all inclusive evening event is $300.

Let me put a champagne glass in your hand!

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