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to help you remove blocks and reclaim your power.  

So that you can be your dream self, build your best business,

and live the life you were born to live.

I'm a woman with a purpose:

Angelina Lombardo

Areas of Expertise


Trauma-Informed Care

  • Angelina's life is a celebration from the confines of childhood of sexual, verbal, and physical abuse, . She found her way out through homelessness and sex work and her way to success through various entrepreneurial enterprises, but only after having a child pulled from her arms from her abusive ex-husband. 

  • From numerous suicide attempts to complete mind, body, spirit shut down, Angelina has uncovered tools to recover from the worst pains of the human experience.

  • She teaches from a trauma-informed approach that holds awareness and compassion for the cognitive, creative, and corporal blocks that trauma has on a person.

Sex Work

  • Angelina's first entrepenerial enterprise was a successful dancing career. She knows both the pleasures and pains that come from this type of work and is passionate about helping other sex workers find safety and success in the industry or or support them in creating an exit strategy.

Women's Entrepreneurship

  • After leaving the club, Angelina built her own cleaning, cooking, and midwifery empire, supporting clients through house organization, private chewing, and birth accompaniment. She built a new life for herself and her daughter through her success as an entrepreneur. 

Spiritual Manifestation

  • Angelina mastered the spiritual aspect of realizing one's potential and seeks to share it with others. She knows how to drop in to your God Pod, find your Inner Authority, and let your Mind, Body, and Spirit communicate directly with the healing and helpful powers of the universe. 

Women's Empowerment

  • Angelina believes in the power of feminine wisdom. The consequences of patriarchy have attempted to repress the natural flow of women's potency. She wishes to witness women reclaim their sense of power and live within the flow of their natural and creative energy.

About Angelina...

Angelina is a friendly witness for women who want to up-level their lives. She offers six or 12 month once a week coaching programs to help women connect to the wisdom of their Mind, Body, and Spirit (MBS) as they learn to listen attentively and subversively to their Inner Authority (IA).


She also invites interested clients to experience a three day intensive retreat in-person, one-on-one directed by her.   


Angelina is certified through the depth and breadth of her life experience from victim to victor overcoming the consequences of sexual, emotional, physical, economic, and psychological violence, as well as through Martha Beck's

Wayfinder Life  Coaching Program.

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