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Repeat after me...

1. Nobody knows me more than I do.


2. I have everything I need already within me.


3. I am responsible for my own well-being.

These core truths have carried me through my darkest moments.

Like when I was diagnosed with a debilitating disease and suffered tremendously trying to recover.


And when I wound up in a toxic marriage.


And when my body gave up, and I felt completely lost.


And when I had to leave a career I loved all my life.


And when I didn’t know how I’d ever find happiness and purpose again.

My own truth carried me

through each of these periods of my life, just as yours will carry you through yours.

I'm Angelina

I believe the best work we can offer the world is to heal ourselves.


This starts by turning inward, asking the tough questions and moving forward from a place of power.

Little by little, I learned who my

Inner Authority™ was and began giving her a voice. I tapped into my power and took back my life.


My body, mind, soul and heart healed.


As I transformed, the people around me noticed and asked for my help to do the same.

I decided to take these lessons and use them to lead other dynamic men and women toward their own Inner Authority™, so they can achieve the life they never thought possible.


The greatest source of our suffering is the lies we tell ourselves.

That’s why with me you’ll find the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth—served blazingly hot and with a whole lotta soul to wash it down.

Book a free 60 minute coaching session to experience the power of life coaching first-hand and connect with Angelina.

Ready to experience

the truth of who you really are?

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