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Angelina Lombardo is the best-selling author of the Inner Authoritybooks that help you to remove trauma blocks and discover
the success you truly desire.

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Love Letters to a Stripper


Working in a strip club is a daily struggle – the wacky hours, the cattiness from other dancers, all barely to make enough money to cover for all the compromises you’re making. 

In this book, Angelina will help you:

  • Learn techniques to quiet and rewire your mind so that it never sabotages your thinking

  • Identify and leverage the sensations in your body, which are leading you in the right direction

  • Understand, honor, and respect your emotions so that you know what they are telling you

  • Support your safety, growth, and change through enlightened awareness of mind, body, and spirit

  • Take charge and accelerate your life today, so that you can secure your future, make your daily ends meet, and start making truly transformational change in your life.

The Spiritual Entrepreneur

Angelina will share with you her story of going from victim to victor and employee to spiritual boss babe. In order to clear internal and external distractions so you can fulfill your goals, she will teach you how to:  

  • Stop worrying about the career you should have and achieve the one you want  

  • Get your thoughts out of the way so you can pursue your dreams fearlessly  

  • Ignore the advice and cultural dogma that focus on your weaknesses and celebrate your strengths  

  • Learn how to use your fear as your ally and not your enemy  

  • Become the leader you always knew you were by believing in yourself  

  • If you’re ready to pivot with the grace of Buddha and create the business of your dreams, join


Angelina as she teaches you how to stop faking it till you make it and actually take the steps to success today.​

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