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Through the...

Mind, Body, Spirit


Inner Authority


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Repeat after me...

1. Nobody knows me more than I do.


2. I have everything I need already within me.

3. I am responsible for my own well-being.

I believe that the most successful and sustainable businesses are built by healed and whole entrepreneurs.


This starts by turning inward: creating a connection to the intelligence of the mind, the intuition of the body, and the passions of the spirit, challenging some old and toxic beliefs and experiences, and moving forward from a place of power.

I know from my own personal experience. Born in a system of poverty, patriarchy, and various types of abuse, I entered the sex industry to find financial stability only after suffering from chronic homelessness. While retraining my mind, healing of my body, and reconnecting to my soul's purpose, I launched a number of entrepreneurial enterprises from a midwifery practice, to a personal chef business, to a cleaning company, all which allowed me to ditch dancing and build a strong foundation for my daughter and I.  

As I transformed, the people around me noticed and asked for my help to do the same. Today, I am responding to their call.

I now run a coaching practice that guides others in connecting with their Inner Authority through the MBS (Mind, Body, Soul/Spirit) Method, so they can achieve the life they never thought possible.

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I'm Angelina

Are you a Spiritually Minded Entrepreneur ready to uplevel your business?



Are you an Empowered Woman ready to live life by your own rules?


Are you a Conscious Creator ready to augment your income? 

Rock Maze
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Spiritual Entrepreneurs

Together, let's hone your vision while we clear out any internal blocks and navigate external challenges to ensure radical and sustainable prosperity. 

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Empowered Women

Let me be your friendly witness to honor every messy and magnificent piece of your story and strategize on how to realize our greatest dreams.

Pottery Workshop
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Conscious Creators

Share with me all of your brilliant creations and together we will lay a path forward to find financial success and fulfillment in your medium.


“Angelina could see the walls I was constructing around myself and brought the tools to dismantle them. She skillfully guided me away from the limiting thoughts that imprisoned me and into space where new possibilities could exist.” 

—  T.Curless

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